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Roman blinds double side

Roman double-sided blinds with textile cords are suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, restaurant, office, hotel. Buy online at top price from manufacturer!

Roman blind ceiling

Ceiling window blinds - double-sided roman blinds with manual control can be made with different types of textiles, including Screen. Buy from Arexim Garden.

Pleated blinds FHL

Pleated blinds for windows are manual and move smoothly on side guides. You can position them as desired. Order online from manufactured at a good price!

Blinds Day & Night

Day & Night window blinds are suitable for living-room, kitchen, bedroom, restaurant, office, hotel. Buy now online at a good price from the manufacture.

Ceiling blinds

Ceiling blinds: Tensioned roller blinds with a motor Somfy and special spring mechanism or Roman blind ceiling double-sided with manual control. Buy online!