Energy saving blinds

Energy saving blinds


Aluminium, Textilene

Suitable for

Conference room, Glazed facades, Office


Interior energy saving blinds offer effective help against heat and glare.

Despite the glare protection provided, theit high transparency allows for the natural illumination of the space with daylight and a free view outside.
The core of these blinds is a polyester film with aluminium coating facing the outside. This film acts like a mirror: If solar radiation falls onto the blinds, the aluminium layer reflects it back to the outside immediately. This way, solar energy cannot convert into heat in the room. The film acts as heat protection shield of the window and reduces heat build-up inside the rooms. The advantages of these blinds at a glance:

  • Effective darkening and glare protection
  • Reflection of up to 90 % of the incident solar energy
  • Reducing the strain on the eyes when working with monitors
  • Rooms need not to be cooled additionally  

Energy saving in the summer: The strongly reflective exterior side of the film reduces the penetration of solar energy into the room considerably and thus reduces the heating of the office space. In turn, signicantly less cooling energy is required and the room climate is naturally comfortable.

Energy saving in the winter:Our roller blinds allow energy savings of up to 30%.

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