Folio Rocking

Folio Rocking


Width: 72.00 sm.
Length/Depth: 92.00 sm.
Height/Thickness: 113.00 sm.
Seat height: 45.00 sm.
Weight: 9.00 kg.


Fiberglass, Polypropylene


Interior Exterior


Folio Rocking is the relaxing and stylish rocking chair for outdoor use made of fiberglass resin, with a perforated square pattern and a matt finish.
The rocking chair, ideal for outdoor use, has an enveloping back seamlessly connected to the generously lowered seat: a single, refined structural embrace, reclining to two comfortable positions. The base consists of two curved polypropylene glides that can be attached to the chair, instead of feet, to obtain the enchanting swinging movement of rocking chairs.

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