Polypropylene chair Еrica

Plastic chair ERIKA with additives for UV resistance. Suitable for home and garden. 5 colors. Buy online at a good price from manufacturer Arexim Garden.


Width: 54.00 sm.
Length/Depth: 50.00 sm.
Height/Thickness: 86.00 sm.
Seat height: 45.00 sm.
Weight: 4.00 kg.





Interior Exterior


Feel comfortable with the ERIKA plastic chair with anti-slip foot covers. The high-quality model is suitable for different types of space, fitting well in combination with a variety of interior styles. It can be combined with a suitable stool or chair in the same color and material.


Chairs from Arexim Garden

Arexim Garden offers a wide range of furniture for home, office, and kitchen. Each of the proposals is in line with the modern needs of modern man and the challenges of everyday life. The result is great shape, practicality, luxury, and tranquility. We serve all this at reasonable prices.


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