Рolypropilene аrmchair Рalma

Рolypropilene аrmchair PALMA with additives for UV resistance. Variety of colors. High-quality. Buy at a bargain price from the manufacturer Arexim Garden!


Width: 59.00 sm.
Length/Depth: 56.00 sm.
Height/Thickness: 86.00 sm.
Seat height: 45.00 sm.
Weight: 5.00 kg.





Interior Exterior


Choose a PALMA plastic chair with anti-slip foot covers. The model is made of quality material that is resistant to time. Use it for a long time without worrying about breaking. Beautiful color in a modern style and practical design.

Chairs from Arexim Garden

Arexim Garden chairs are perfect for any occasion and need. The product portfolio provides our customers with good quality at affordable prices. We believe that the secret of good furniture lies in the freedom to choose and enjoy the benefits of comfort.


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