Polypropylene chair Р014

Stackable monobloc chair made of glassfiber reinforced polypropylene. Buy online at the best price from the manufacturer - Arexim Garden!


Width: 64.00 sm.
Length/Depth: 56.00 sm.
Height/Thickness: 77.00 sm.
Seat height: 45.00 sm.
Weight: 4.00 kg.


Fiberglass, Polypropylene



Interior Exterior


Polypropylene chair - Stackable 

Stackable monobloc armchair. It is produced with a technology of injection moulding in glassfibre reinforced polypropylene. Ergonomic shape fits in any environment. Thanks to special materials used it is a perfect choise for outdoors. Anti UV stabilized. Mambo is also offers great comfort with its wide variety of colourful fixed and puffy cushion options.

(Arexim Garden offers a wide range of different types of chairs for home and garden. For more interesting products in the same category, visit the "Furniture" category)


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